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How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads
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How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

If you are at point where you are planning to increase conversion rates, looking for top website designing company, generate more sales and increase your revenue; you need to learn ways of making website visitors customers- which is basically converting traffic into leads.

Concentrating on your site’s bounce rate will give you a go ahead on measuring the number of engaged users. Bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave your site after visiting a single page on the same domain. It is catastrophic due to the stickiness or appeal it brings on a site.

This key metric needs a lot of constant monitoring since a site is an extension of the physical location of a business. Reducing bounce rate will help you increase your conversion rates.

Bounce rates are disappointing and are an indication that something should be done about your site especially when it is insanely high or spikes due to changes on your site. Less bounce rate means more page views which translate into more revenue, more engagement and a stronger customer connection.

Tips on how to convert traffic to leads

Concentrate on Attracting the Right Audience – be cognizant to your visitors by delivering content that speaks to their needs and interests.

Optimize keywords in order to attract the most number of visitors by making sure that your ads represent your products accurately and keywords align with your site mission. The next option your visitors will have is to convert.

Optimize Page Loading Time-  slow loading time will push away visitors as it might feel like eternity and loss of trust as they will wonder if the site is legitimate or not killing the credibility of your site. Keep in mind that; Patience is a virtue does not apply in eCommerce.

Speed limitations might also lead to penalties in rankings by Google due to bad user experience. If your site feels slow to load, people will be thinking about bouncing.

Avoid Pop Ups and Too Many Ads – irrelevant popups are awful for the user experience and they may hit the back button as soon as they land on your site. Some marketers may use aggressive and bullying language which leads to immediate departure, a bounce.

As much as they can help grow your email list and increasing conversion rates consider limiting or avoiding popups so that you generate more organic visitors. Intrusive rollover ads and auto play audios are mostly the main reason that drives most web users to be ad blockers.

Make Your Content More Accessible & Readable – format your pages to make them more welcoming and attractive by using a proper layout to organize and highlight content. Short videos may be used to entice the visitor as they seem effortless rather than long chunks of texts.

Use appropriate headers, frequent subheadings, bullets and suitable images to increase visual appeal. Avoid long paragraphs that might overwhelm your users and use a good color to avoid distracting the content if it is written.

Single, Clear Call To Action – these set of words should be strong and obvious to urge your visitors make a sale, gather information or provide contact information. Interaction is intuitive do not make your site appear like a billboard, you need to keep talking to your customers both on a personal or professional level if need be.

Navigation Should be Effortless And Intuitive – this might not be the most pleasant way to view your customers but, when it comes to navigation think of your site visitors as lazy entitled, spoiled little snowflakes that want everything spoon fed to them with minimal effort.

If you force them to do even the slightest piece of work to get what they want, they will simply go to another site. People will interact more with your site if they can navigate easily through it.

Make Your Site Easy To Find and Mobile Friendly – if your site is not easy to find and mobile friendly you are begging for high bounce rates. Make your sites available on the web through search engine optimization techniques and mobile devices such as apple, android to ensure that you increase and retain visitors. Ensure that your site has cross browser compatibility.

Other simple ways to ensure that you convert traffic into leads include; use of content recommendation to increase engagement, improving your story telling, updating outdated content, writing attractive meta descriptions for users, reduce your broken links and invest your time and money on a great design.

The tips above will ensure that your visitors convert, which should be your main goal. It’s all about nurturing those visitors into customers. Views mean nothing, generating sales and leads means everything.

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