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Netscape India help 374+ Businesses through it’s seo services and reach to their potential customers through organic results.

  • Get found by potential customer over top of organic results
  • Target Highly conversionable keywords through organic presence
  • No limits of keywords, rank your business over unlimited keywords
  • Professional team of SEO experts, Deep understandin of Google Algorithm
  • Ethical optimization techniques for long stability of seo results
  • Love to work with Small, Medium and Large enterprises
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Award Winning SEO Company


  SEO Company that Can Boost Your Ranking in Google
The top ranking business generates more leads than others
top ranking business generates more leads than others, Let’s begin


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SEO Services As Per Business

Let’s Connect with #1 SEO Company in Gurgaon Delhi-NCR and find the best SEO Solution who help you to meet the business gaols


Small Business SEO

Beat all your competitors in the search engines through highly competitive keywords by experiencing our best in class SEO Services for small business.


Large Enterprises SEO

Stabilize your website rankings in the search engines and rectify the errors in your website that might be unknowingly eating up your website.


Start-ups SEO Services

Reflect your business to a greater number of people through our Certified White-Hat SEO and see the results on your own.


Local SEO Services

We will help your business reach to a number of people living in and around your locality and make it possible to navigate your business through maps.


National SEO

Make the presence felt of your business throughout the PAN India basis and get your website ranked on broader and highly competitive keywords.

Global SEO Company

Global SEO Services

Globalise your business services like software apps; gaming portals etc. by establishing a truly global online presence and expand your business beyond reach!

Unlimited Keywords

Only SEO Company that Work With Unlimited Keywords!

Businesses Growth can’t be restricted to keywords, when you are generating leads through SEO, lack of keywords should not be a matter of concern. A potential Customer can find your business in many variations of your relevant keywords.

  • Get found by potential customer on top of organic results
  • Target keywords with High Conversion through organic presence
  • No limits of keywords, rank your business over unlimited keywords
  • Professional team of SEO experts, In-Depth understanding of Google Algorithms
  • Ethical Optimization Techniques for long stability of SEO results
  • Algorithm
  • Ethical optimization techniques for long stability of seo results

Industry Based SEO Services

Netscape India SEO Services work as per Industry requirements.


More people are using mobile devices or smartphones than ever before…


Netscape India is an experienced web development company that…


Take your business online and plunge into an ever-expanding…


New wave of Online Marketing In this tech savvy world


More people are using mobile devices or smartphones than ever before…


Netscape India is an experienced web development company that…


Take your business online and plunge into an ever-expanding…


New wave of Online Marketing In this tech savvy world, digital media…

Why You Need SEO Consulting?

With the fast moving trend of SEO, it has become inevitable part for every companies to boost up their SEO efforts. Through Search Engine Optimization consultation, we will help the companies to establish and find a position in the world of SEO. It also builds a strong competitive reputation and fast-moving for a major hand in gathering potential customers.

If your Business is located in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR or anywhere in India, this is probably the best time to hire a reputed SEO company. The best part of focusing on SEO is that, it is the only Online promotion activity which makes your business available 24×7 across the globe in search engines. SEO results will always be stable if they are optimized, maintained well, and is in the safe hands.

+91- 9811888606


SEO Company that Can Grow Your Business

Netscape India is One of Most Trusted SEO Company in Gurgaon Delhi NCR that can Help you to Make your results stable over all possible potential keywords. We Just Not rank but also create a conversion funnel for every business that customers can find more and more information about business/services and love to connect with your business.Our Search Engine Optimization process ensures your business can be easily found with top ranking and stable presence.

Customized SEO Services

Get Customized SEO Plans As Per your Business Requirements

One Time SEO

Test our SEO services first and see the results on your own before getting associated with us for a long run. We don’t always make promises, but strive hard to make a success. We aim in building relationships with our clients rather than just doing business.

Penalty Recovery

Is your website is not getting ranked despite of employing all the SEO techniques? Then it is sure that your website has been hit by the Search Engines Algorithms. If your website is hit by any of these algorithms, then it is in deep trouble. Netscape India is here to help you in this regard and diminish the risk of getting into the trap of the Google penalties.

Technical Audit

Performing an in-depth SEO Auditing report involves an extensive technical research of the website. Auditing is necessary as it helps to identify the problems that a website might be facing are, crawl/Index errors, server uptime, robots.txt, XML Sitemap, page loading speed and much more. This analysis helps to weed out such technical faults and makes it perform as desired.

Discuss Experimental SEO Plan

SEO results are time consuming in average and high competition. If you don’t want to go with a long term seo plan, then discuss a short term experimental plan for your business. In this SEO Plan we will test your presence over search results, if you found it profitable for your business then continue with long terms. We are the only SEO company who follow ethical business approach to make your business profitable. Feel Free to Discuss Your SEO requirements

FAQ’S About Our SEO Services?

Rank Your Business

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What is the minimum pricing for SEO projects you take?

We have carefully tailored our SEO service plans, You can always check the Pricing from our pricing table.

Is SEO Profitable for my Business?

SEO is a non paid method that takes your effort and time but provide you stationary ranking on Google that means you are always available on Google with your services. Since it is not a paid marketing techniques so the results are hard to move  or does not change frequently.

Now you yourself can

How much time does it take for SEO results?

SEO results are time bounded and it also depends on how much competition your keywords have. But if in case you employ more resources for you project , you may escalate the SEO results.

This can be well understood by simply understanding all the aspects of SEO and after that if you work on every aspect simultaneously that will obviously boost your results very soon.

Do I need to redesign my Website for SEO?

Not always. SEO for Google also take care about the user experience and websites with bad design offers very poor quality of user experience. So we can say that the design of a website plays a vital role in SEO. If in case your website is already optimized for the design then their is no need to redesign it but, if it requires a redesign then it would be suggested by our team members to you.

How much should be my SEO budget?

SEO budget depends upon many factors like the complexity of your project (your competition, your product’s price etc) and it also depends on “how soon you want the results”. Greater the budget more are the resources working towards your cause and hence you achieve the ranking very fast. This goes same with our pricing table (there are other benefits also) as well. If you choose a bigger plan, we can direct our resources to your work and you get ranking very fast.

Do you follow ethical SEO techniques?

Yes, we always follow ethical techniques for SEO. Though results can be obtained quickly by un-ethical means but we know that those results are not uniform and they seems to vanish after some time, they also takes away the reputation of your Domain and business. One may enjoy the fruit of unethical techniques but not for long while ethical techniques always run for long.

Do Social media is covered in this SEO project or do I need to pay extra?

No, you don’t have to pay extra for Social media optimization. We also understand the importance of Social media for the SEO of your project, so we help you become social media ready. Note: We help you in Social media optimization but paid marketing on social media will cost you extra.