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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Real estate is an  industry considering or dealing with the lands or buildings. It is an interesting  strategy to invest in real estate. It is a platform in which various property agencies purchase, sale or rent the residential properties or commercial property. The owners, builders ,dealers or sellers are the main agents of the real estate business industry. Real estate is basically a portal that offers to buy or sell properties. 

Why real estate need digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an important factor that plays an important role in boosting up any business. It is so easy to brand your business with the help of digital marketing. Real estate is a type of business that is growing at a fast rate as people like to search their property online and they check all their priorities online by filling them in requirements form.

 For a beginner,  it is very important to take some points into account to be successful in the new business. The main thing to keep in mind is to identify your financial state. After identifying your financial state, you can easily grow your business online. Digital marketing is applicable for small as well as for global business. 

Digital marketing of real estate is important  to improve your business from the initial stage of getting leads to the successful deliveries. 

How it is helpful for customers of real estate?

Real estate digital marketing plays an important role for customers as now they are free to choose their property online whether it is residential property or whether it is commercial property.

 It gives them a better exposure to the property even before buying it. They can view the property from different angles. Properties that you want to buy or property you want on rent are available on real estate websites. 

How it is helpful for the real estate associates?

Digital marketing of real estate is beneficial for associates as well. It provides them a chance to promote their business. They can know expose their property on different real estate websites. Online marketing in real estate is a better way to display your property on the internet by uploading pictures and videos of the property. 

The people who buy the property are simply buyers, brokers, agents and the sellers. It is the top most industry which has the higher return on investments as compared to all other industries.

How we will help to grow your real estate business at the top?

Real estate is a growing industry that is boosting up its sale day by day. Almost all the people search their property  on the internet that is only possible by the digital marketing of real estate. There are a number of real estate websites available on the internet  that can help you to search for your dream house. Digital marketing of real estate made it so easy to buy or sell your property on the internet. 

1. Creating a blog

Blogs are text-based information that is both relevant and easy for the client to read and understand something more clearly. Creative and relevant blogs help a website to improve  SEO and get a higher rank on Google. 

Research shows that websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than websites that do not write blogs.

Blogs give detailed information about topics related to real estate which can help buyers to decide more clearly and reach a conclusion. Blogs help google to index pages more easily because of the information that blogs contain.

Blogs are the best option to deliver information about buying and selling of various property and land to your target audience.

2. Create a User-Friendly Website

It is an important aspect that comes into account when you are designing a website. Your website should be user friendly so that it should have fast response time or loading speed. The website should have live chat box so that users can solve their queries related to the services of buying or selling properties. 

Website should be easily browsable for the customers or the users and should contain the desired content or pictures or videos for what your clients are looking for. It should include the proper information related to the real estate properties. The content should guide the users through proper process of purchasing the property.

3. Ensure You Spend Time on SEO

SEO is search engine optimisation. It is a technique that helps you to improve your conversion rate. When SEO is done properly, it will help you to rank your website on the top of search engine result page. The basic factors in seo are keywords, title, meta description. The videos and pictures uploaded in the webpage should be properly optimized so that it should not affect the loading speed of the website or webpage. 

Make sure that your website does not have unreachable pages. Content should be relevant to the keyword searches. In short your website related to real estate services should be properly optimised.

4. Develop an Email Campaign

Email marketing is a trending way to grow your business at a rapid rate. It is a process of sending emails to the users who are interested in your products and services. In email marketing, you can make the people aware about your services. The content of your email should be like it make your subscriber curious about opening it and reading it. 

With the help of email marketing, agents can expose their property as 83% of the home buyers purchase their property by looking at the pictures of the property. If you are sending emails with relevant content to the users, then the will like to open your email every time. Otherwise users will ignore your emails if you will put irrelevant content in your email.

5. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a platform where you can brand your product at a rapid rate. It is one of the most adaptable and cost effective strategy for any type of  business. Many people are using social media everyday it is a best opportunity for people who want to reach audience and want to bring more traffic.

59%percent of the people are using social media every day and 5 times a day they check their social media. Around 96% of the business entrepreneur are using social media platforms to reach their audience.

Marketing through social media can help in increase brand recognition. It is an effective way of marketing in which we can make relationships with our users. Social media gives us a lucky chance to bring our potential users that gets more attractive by watching ads related to the services of real estate.

6. Building the brand

Building the brand presence and awareness on the internet is the basic step to come online for any service. Therefore to make a brand presence on google, creating a website is the main step.

As a real estate service website, the website should contain relevant information about rental houses and property for purchase and sell. The website should be attractive and pleasing to the user so that they can conclude more easily. 

The landing page should be like an e-commerce business page that should have basic information about the various property and rental houses with their amounts.

7. Youtube marketing and virtual tour

At present YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Therefore presence on YouTube brings a higher amount of traffic to your website also. It is a fact that videos bring 40% more traffic than websites. Videos are the best option to deliver information about anything easily.

In the Real estate industry, virtual tours enhance the user experience, provide real-time visuals and thus helps to increase conversions. People can get an idea of what exactly the property is offering to them. 

Buying or selling a property is a major decision in a person’s life and the user is always 100% sure about the deal, therefore, a real estate agent should make their decision easier by providing visual content. A virtual tour or real footage of the house is the easiest way to tell people accurately about the whole property and help them to reach a positive conclusion.

All in all, digital marketing of real estate helps a lot to the customers as well as the brokers, agents and the sellers who got a chance for the batter exposure of their properties. 

Challenges in Digital Marketing for the real estate industry

  1. Managing multiple listings: Real estate listings are changing when it comes to their price and their availability, moreover, now listings have to be added frequently, this calls for having an active digital marketing team at your disposal at all times
  2. Optimising the website: Since most real estate websites contain high-definition images of various properties and sites, it is easy to overwhelm the server hosting the website. This causes stutters, lags, and significantly increase loading times. Appropriate optimisation techniques have to be deployed to ensure a smooth experience
  3. Advertising expenses: Managing advertising expenses can be a taxing task as online advertisements get realtors a good amount of leads but the cost to run these ads can add up pretty quickly. Thus, you need a digital marketing company that focuses on getting you the maximum value for your marketing budget.

Digital Marketing Solutions for real estate companies

  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertisement: Here, costs are incurred according to the number of clicks an advertisement receives. Netscape ensures advertisements with high-quality content as well as maximizing the value for a given marketing budget. We offer optimal Pay-Per-Click advertisement expenditure.
  2. Email Marketing: Generating leads by establishing a channel of continuous communication with potential buyers is of great importance. Declaring decrease in prices or limited-time offers helps to boost sales. Email marketing is an effective way to do so
  3. Social Media Marketing: Want to give potential buyers a tour of your properties? Count on us to create a continuous flow of content on your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  4. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): Involves adding strong call-to-action buttons which lets the user know what to do next and streamlines the conversion funnel and allows us to increase the conversion rate on websites. 

Real Estate Mobile App Digital Marketing Services

Real estate mobiles have shown promising results for real estate companies as mobile apps are better optimised to use the display size of a mobile device. According to Ruler Analytics, 72% of home seekers use tablets and mobile devices to conduct home buying research. Mobile apps can be used to:

  1. Display 360O virtual tours of various properties using graphically appealing content and interactive UI
  2. Use of notifications to remind users about a price drop and follow up with users after purchase about their feedback
  3. Create and track user profiles to catalogue their preferences and purchases
  4. Offer exclusive app discounts to encourage the usage of apps 
  5. Encourage app users to contact the real estate company which results in better lead conversion for the company 

Real estate Leads Conversion Optimisation – (We target buyers’ journey)

  • We focus on eliminating unnecessary content and therefore optimise the conversion funnel to a point where the user experience becomes seamless
  • Keeping content forms concise and to the point so that the user isn’t discouraged to fill them, therefore making data collection easy
  • Developing compelling call-to-action buttons to provide the user with a definite direction towards contacting the realtor or guiding users toward a purchase

Benefits of Digital Marketing for automotive

  1. Video and mobile marketing: The effectiveness of this type of marketing lies in the ease of viewing such content and the ability to view multiple properties in a matter of minutes. Therefore digital marketing saves a lot of time for the potential home buyer.
  2. Brand Trust: Online reviews about a property or a brand’s service can greatly influence a buyer’s decision towards a purchase. Digital Marketing allows a user to thoroughly research a property to make an informed decision
  3. Tracking performance: Data gathered from professional tools like Google Analytics allows for an in-depth collection of relevant data that can be used to thoroughly analyse a business’ performance. 
  4. Affordable: Compared to traditional methods of marketing, Digital Marketing deploys automation, advanced collection and analysis of data, and better results from advertisements, all while still being budget-friendly