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Tips To Get More traffic To Your Website
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Tips To Get More traffic To Your Website

Everybody wants success and you are no exception to it. You have launched a website with the hope of getting your business spiraling up, but, more often than not, there is no traffic on your web launch as expected and your business is ebbing down. Know some best tips to get more traffic to your website.

tips to get more traffic for your website

A dearth of online traffic either signals an absence of the information which customers want, or maybe your lackluster attitude to the SEO efforts. Under such circumstances, the prospects of the business are doomed. Well, whatever may stand as the reason, the fact is that your business is imploding and you need some quick-heal measures to save it.

So, the nagging question is: How to revive the growth and attain success?

Fret not. Here is the answer.

How to get more traffic to your website?

Content Should be Succinct and Salient

“Content is king” a common phrase you must have heard. It is the backbone of Digital marketing which can either attract or repulse traffic. Go unmistakable with the content as it is the spine of your website.

Content should be original, unambiguous, rich, and well-presented. It must be further supported by interesting headlines, thought-provoking elements, and well-groomed sentences. Instead of writing on a myriad of topics, pick up your own genre and write related blogs on it. Maintain consistency throughout the write-up so that it does not appear broken or disconnected at any point.

It should not be desultory. Touch the right chords with the audience by writing about the burning and current news. Content should be filled with copywriting words that help readers to connect with themselves. Good content is shared by readers to others. This also results in increased traffic to your website. Pen down your ideas on the trending issues of Twitter and Google.

This can be of great help. For gravitating more users, start a debate on a controversial subject, obviously in a healthy manner, and you will see an astonishing rise in your traffic meter on the spur of the moment.

how to increase traffic

Get a Social Boost

Social media is the most popular tool to get traffic and increase engagement.  Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc are widely used by top marketers to reach their potential customers.

Sharing pages and posts on social media bring that traffic to your website. and thus   No discussion on online traffic is comprehensive without the mention of social networking tools. As the world 2/3 of the total population has a considerable social media exposure, drawing traffic from such spaces is a terrific idea.

Create a Face book page, Twitter handle, Google+ page, and Pinterest board, and see them all working in the favor of your business. Linking and re-linking of the blogs, regular pinning of the photographs, rigorous commenting and sharing, stretching to the famous bloggers, sharing social buttons on the write-ups, and many more, are the most excellent ways to crank up the traffic numbers.

social media post

Also know- some cheap social media techniques. for business.

SEO is a Great Contributor

SEO is extremely important for a website to increase traffic. Optimizing a website according to SEO increase the website’s relevancy and helps to target potential customers. Targeting the SEO measures can render a miraculous impact on the traffic scale. Merely by linking one blog to another, you can give a remarkable push to your digital business.

Install a content plug-in and use it wisely for the interlinking of various online articles. Search workable keywords using the tools and link the content to authority sites for fabulous results.

A creative meta title and description, relevant image alt text, good headlines, and proper keywords are a great way to increase website value and getting traffic. Your business is likely to rise like a rocket if SEO things fall in place.

seo traffic

Internal Linking in the website

Internal linking plays a major role in increasing traffic to your website. It engages more audiences on your website by taking them from one place to another. While creating a new page make sure to put all the relevant internal links on the new page.

This helps search engine crawlers to navigate your site easily and efficiently which results in higher rankings. Internal linking not only helps google crawlers to navigate a site but also increases user experience.

Moreover, internal linking increases traffic for different pages of your website as people continue to surf from one page to another in order to get more information. Higher rankings ensure high traffic. Therefore when people spent more time on your website it will increase rankings too.

Build backlinks

Backlinks play an important role in increasing rankings and bringing relevant traffic from other web sites. Getting backlinks from high authority and quality websites increase your website traffic to a higher extent.

Also, backlinks increase google’s trust on your website which results in a higher position in the SERP results. The higher the rankings the more the traffic. Backlinks increase referral traffic which is the sign of a successful website and marketing.

Thus building backlinks from quality websites help to bring quality traffic to your website and also increases in leads and conversions.

Guest Blogging

Guest post is another method of bringing quality traffic to your website. Basically a guest post is a process of writing quality content for other websites in order to get a backlink. It is a good method of getting a backlink and increasing quality traffic for your website.

Moreover, you can search for websites that accept guest posts and write for them. This ensures brand credibility and increases brand awareness. At present, guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to get a referral and organic traffic to your website. 


Add hashtags 

By adding hashtags on your posts, pages and social media sharing can increase your reach to a higher level. You can be visible to even those people who are not searching for you directly.

Hashtags are now a popular tool to widen the reach and increase traffic. At present hashtags are the most popular features of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Marketers use hashtags to include themselves in a particular category and reach maximum people.

Use e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a personalized and customized method to stay in touch with your old customers and connect with the new ones. Sending e-mails about product promotions, offers, discounts, new arrivals, sales, and free gifts, etc increase the interest of people and they may visit your web site. Again, this increases traffic and takes your website towards success.

You can also inform your clients about new pages and information- about the latest posts and pages. But e-mails sometimes act as a negative technique when you send emails on a daily basis. This frustrated your clients and they may block or report you. Therefore, send only relevant emails and offers according to their requirements.

However, e-mail provides a great option for personalization. The subject of your e-mail should be an attractive, relevant, and attention seeker. The subject decides whether the person opens your e-mail or not. The person’s name in the subject like increase personalization and increase opening rate chances by 69%. 

Target long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords are searched frequently which increases competition to rank for them. You have to put in a lot of effort to rank for them. Whereas long-tail keywords are specific and more targeted.

Due to less competition for them, it becomes easier for you to rank for them easily at a higher rank. Also, due to the evolution of voice search, people are more concerned with specific searches. In this case, targeting long-tail keywords are of immense use. This increases more quality traffic for your website.   

long tail keywords

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is a good option if you want to get instant traffic at any cost. Google advertising mainly includes PPC ads and display ads.

PPC ads are shown on the top of the SERP result for selective keywords. However your ad rankings will be based on the amount of bid, the more the bid the higher the rankings. Along with bid, relevancy, and quality of ad also plays a major role in fixing the rankings in the search engine.

However, as paid ads are above organic results they also get a higher amount of traffic to your website. Social media advertising is an efficient way to increase traffic and leads through social media. Social media advertising is more efficient than PPC advertising in case of cost and reach. You can get a higher amount of traffic from social media advertising.

Then comes display advertising which is also called banner ads. The banner ads are placed on a similar website or business of yours and you have to pay for clicks or a fixed number of impressions. When a person clicks on the display ad they reach your website which increases traffic.


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