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WordPress Vs Wix: Which is Better for My Website

WordPress Vs Wix: Which is Better for My Website

It around 19 years of WordPress is lauched as a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is used by millions of web developers, bloggers, and organizations for building their own blogs, websites, online stores. Wix launched in 2006 as a website builder that allows users to create websites without any knowledge of coding or design.

The two are quite different in terms of features and usability but you should choose the one that suits your needs better. Netscape India a website designing company in Gurgaon has discussed with camparison to make you understand better.

Domain & Hosting

The domain and hosting is where your website files are stored. This includes the files that make up the site, such as HTML pages and images.

Wix offers free domain name with every account. The domains are registered for you by Wix and you can use any of their domains for your website. If you want to use a custom domain name, then you need to purchase a domain from a third party provider.

WordPress offers free hosting for WordPress sites, which means that they will provide the space on their servers for your website files to be stored on. You would need to purchase a domain from a third party provider if you want to use anything other than the default .wordpress address.

Designing Flexibility

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. It has been used by a number of people to create their own websites and blogs. WordPress is an open source software that is free to use but requires a lot of technical skills for it to be customized. This can be a drawback for many who are not tech savvy or proficient with coding languages like PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Wix on the other hand is a web development platform that enables users to create their own website without any coding knowledge required. It has drag and drop features that allow users to design their website without having technical knowledge. Wix offers more flexibility than WordPress when it comes to designing your website, which can be its main advantage over WordPress.

Apps & Plugins

WordPress provides an extensible plugin architecture which allows developers to extend its functionality with plugins that can be downloaded from the WordPress repository or uploaded by users. This makes WordPress one of the most customizable CMSs in the world and also offers a lot of flexibility for developers.

Wix, on the other hand, only offers a limited number of plugins that are pre-installed on their platform. You cannot add any other plugin apart from this list, which can be frustrating for some users who want more customization options or want to use their favorite plugin.


There are many features that come with WordPress such as free themes, free plugins, and free hosting. This makes it much easier for people to get started with their blog without having to pay any monthly fees or buy any additional services. Wix does not offer these features, but they do offer other features such as video editing tools, photo editing tools, live chat support with customers, etc which are not offered by WordPress

E-commerce website

In WordPress the WooCommerce plugin is free and open-source, which means that it’s easy to install and customize. It also comes with a number of features that make it a great choice for many types of businesses, including an extensive set of payment gateways, shipping methods, tax calculation tools, product import/export capabilities and more.

The Wix Commerce platform is an all-in-one ecommerce solution that gives you everything you need to run your business online. It allows you to design, manage and sell products from your own website, manage orders, and track inventory. There are also other features like product catalogs, shopping carts, product listings, customer accounts, checkout pages and more. You can integrate social media with your store too using Wix’s social media integration feature.

Listing OR Directory website

Their are many plugins and themes are available to create a listing website easily on wordpress. The features are also designed to be simple, so you can get started quickly without any hassle.

Some of these plugins and themes are:

  • MyListing
  • Listing Pro
  • Wilch
  • PointFinder
  • Listing plugin
  • Directory plugin
  • Everest Business Directory
  • Business Directory Plugin
  • Connections Business Directory
  • GeoDirectory
  • LDD Directory LiteDirectory plugin for WooCommerce

Whereas In Wix because of it’s core functionality of drag and drop feature only informative website are much better but for Listing Or Directory website WordPress is more prefferable.


WordPress has the most SEO-friendly structure of all the website building platforms. It is built for SEO from the ground up and offers a lot of different plugins to help you optimize your site for search engines.

Wix, on the other hand, is more of a drag-and-drop type of builder that doesn’t have as many features that allow you to customize your site for SEO purposes.

Help & Supports

WordPress offers different types of help & supports service that are not available in Wix. WordPress has a large community of experts who provide support to users via the WordPress forum or through the WordPress Slack group chat app.

Wix offers more than just help & supports services – they also offer customer care services which include live chat support from their team of customer care agents, phone support from their team of customer care agents and email support from their team of customer care agents.

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